Can Do Coalition would like to acknowledge its wonderful volunteers!

Here are but a few:

Julia A. Leader (Served as volunteer Officer of Can Do Coalition from its inception in 2002-2016; and continues to serve as a non-officer volunteer when she can.)

Bijay Pakhrin and Hina Aziz ( CDC second generation developer team)

Cory (Fes) Hudson and Joseph Hodgden (CDC first generation developer team)

Click here to see Can Do Coalition volunteers in action!

Can Do Coalition would like to acknowledge the organizations that have recognized the value of our public service contribution. Can Do Coalition created one of the first public service games (a.k.a. "Cause Games") on the Web -- the Do Good Donor Game (DGDG) -- in 2002. Both the DGDG and the larger Can Do Coalition site took and take technical resources to make go and we are happy to acknowledge those technology companies that have and continue to provide those services that enable our public service. Can Do Coalition would also like to acknowledge the organizations that have responded to our multiple requests to help pediatric patients via gift giving (eg. donated toys). Can Do Coalition procures gifts for pediatric patients. We leverage these donated gifts to power our public service activities. Specifically, through the DGDG, not only do donated gifts support kids fighting cancer, but the public is concurrently encouraged to learn why and how to become a volunteer in the stem cell registries (used to fight an ever expanding list of diseases and ailments). We at CDC are very proud to have and continue to maximize the goodwill gift giving impact of these organizations: